Gary Fibiger

Tech Lead • Co-Founder • AI/ML • Full Stack


I am a creative person with a strong technological background. I love creating new things, developing ideas and transforming them into real feasible products. I have more than 15 years of experience in software development, project management, marketing and computer science in general. I am interested in futurism and I enjoy working in projects that implement artificial intelligence. I have bachelor's degree in software engineering and master's degree in machine learning. In my free time I work as a volunteer at Štefánik Observatory.

2015 • Utrecht University Computer Science

2014 • Czech Technical University AI/Machine Learning

2011 • Czech Technical University Software Engineering

2007 • Akademické gymnázium, škola hl. m. Prahy

Space & Music

As a son of two artists, I have always been attracted to art, especially in combination with technology. I edit astrophotography pictures and recently I started to compose short pieces of classical music. Check out my Instagram profile for more.